With over 20 years experience in the filtration industry and the use of over 500 patents,
UFT CAN. INC. is a leader and trendsetter.


Gas turbine, APC, HVAC, Automotive, Appliances

Technical Textiles

Casual / Sports / Outdoors. Shoes, Protective wear.


Surgical mask & gown, wound dressing, drapes.

Consumer Products

Facial mask, window screen, cosmetics.


Battery Separators, Electronic vents & filters.


Uniform, NBC suits, EMI shields.

Why Choose UFTCAN?

UFT products are available in the global market for various filtration applications. Our product has exceptional performance in clean air intake systems by improving filtration efficiency with low operating pressure drop to extend the lifetime and for cost reduction of filter maintenance.
Applications include Gas Turbine, HVAC, automotive engine, liquid and dust collectors etc.  We offer hydrophobic and hydrophilic, corrugated and non-corrugated.

Restriction on use of Electrostatic filter media EN779 | EN1822 (2012):

  • These standards apply to all filter media.
  • The use of electrostatic and glass fiber media is now banned, including combi technology (GF+MB or Cellulose + MB)
  • Need for stable filter property & quality
    (mechanical structure properties)
  • Need for environment-friendly media Air Filter

Restriction of – Glass Fibers due to its carcinogenic properties and environmental pollutant:

  • Concerns on waste disposal are becoming serious problems for the world

Meets the Standard EN779, EN1822:

  • Compliance with strict standards for filter performance and quality
  • New standards such as EN779, EN1822, ISO 16890 (No electrostatic charge)
  • Environment-friendly materials Legal regulation against the use of Glassfiber for safety issues
  • Higher efficiency with lower pressure drop
  • Reduction in the cost of filter maintenance 2 1 3 4 Multi-functional features & Flexibility in value-added product

Growing demands on ultrafine fiber product:

  • Meets the increasing demands for higher efficiency with lower pressure drop.

UFT Technology


Electrospinning technology is a versatile and effective method to generate continuous ultrathin fibers down to 1 nanometer in diameter. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

The polymer solution forms an equilibrium between gravity and surface tension at the end of the vertically located capillary. Accordingly, the hemispherical surface of the fluid at the tip of the capillary tube elongates to form a conical shape known as the Taylor cone. When the high voltage is applied to a form bubble liquid is called “droplets” on the tip, the body of the liquid becomes charged, and the electrostatic repulsion of the liquid droplets is stretched and divided into smaller jets and initialized to form of thin web fiber or a mat fiber.

UFT is committed to engraving and manufacturing the world’s tiniest particles on various media.

UFT is dedicated to continued research and development to maintain leadership in the industry.

UFT is restructuring the fine fibers market with significant improvements in performance.

UFT products are used in various filtration applications.


UFT Technology Specifications